Welcome to our Hearing Aid Group

Dr. Robert Cohen

Our hearing aid group is located in Westchester, NY. For affordable hearing aids, we employ the newest dispensing practices dictated by today’s technology implementations. Our exceptional pricing strategies, never used before, along with our unparalleled professional service is designed to help patients afford the best hearing aid technology. After 40 years in this field, we now are able to provide our instruments at reasonable price levels with the same high end service, honesty and transparency that you’ve come to expect from our practice.

New technology brings Clarity, Focus and Understanding.

We’ve been in practice for 40 years, providing services ranging audiologic testing, hearing aid dispensing, tinnitus management, OSHA testing and more. We will provide our services on-site or at our office. Latest technologies have seen the changes in the field of hearing aid dispensing and remain the leader in technology as changes have unfolded. Our experience has developed into a combination of up to date science, service-dedicated performance, newest Hearing Aid technology and even newer delivery systems. As a result our practice is the first to provide all patients with high-end models from each manufacturer providing maximum comfort, loudness and distinctiveness of speech.

We have reduced margins, reduced operating expenses and remain the lowest final price with the highest professional patient service. We guarantee the finest service, best pricing, and best after care.


To provide the highest end clinical audiologic service in New York City and Westchester County in the dispensing of affordable hearing aids. To extend our services to all socioeconomic groups and to make the acquisition of hearing aids an affordable, non-objectionable, matter of fact procedure, allowing comfort, ease of use and discreet option to all patients.