We provide many services:

R. Cohen audiologic testingAudiology is an allied medical field providing diagnostic testing either directly to the public or through referral by other medical practitioners such as ear, nose and throat, pediatricians, neurologists and internists. In addition to routine hearing testing, we perform sophisticated testing related to balance disorders and involved neurological procedures related to auditory function.

Additionally, we provide a wide range of all Hearing Aids including full Digital hearing instruments from entry level to high end amplification. We are the only practice in Westchester and Putnam counties to provide TINNITUS RETRAINING THERAPY (TRT), the only proven therapeutic treatment to resolve severe cases of Tinnitus(head noises) and Hyperacusis (intolerance to loud sounds).

Nursing Home Services:

Licensed audiologists provide a full range of Audiology services in house. Maintenance and care of all hearing aids is provided along with a licensed audiologist. We provide these services to several nursing homes in the area and throughout the five boroughs.

Home Visits:

Under special circumstances we will provide at home services to provide Audiology and hearing aid services to patients who cannot come directly to our offices. This also includes hospital bound patients. Arrangements are made with our office manager.

Commercial/Industrial Services:

Our audiologists will test your employees to keep industries like yours in compliance with OSHA regulations. Call us at (914) 649-0943 or (914) 948-7070 for terms and details.

And More:
Our services are not only for people who have hearing problems. We offer custom made hearing protection for dentists, construction workers, musicians and all those who work in noisy environments. In addition, custom made earpieces for hands free cellular phones are manufactured in addition to custom made swim molds for children and adults who enjoy swimming and water activities. Assistive listening devices include amplified telephone systems, infra red devices for theater and T.V.

Contact R Cohen Audiology Associates today to find out more:  rcohen2552@optonline.net or call us at 914-948-7070