About Us

Dr. Robert Cohen
AuD., C.C.C./A.F.A.A.A.

Dr. Cohen has been a licensed practitioner since 1977, beginning his career at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he was a staff audiologist and instructor for 6 years followed by supervisor of the Audiology group division. In 1985, he left Einstein to work in a private practice developing Pelham Audiology Associates into the largest practice in the Bronx.

In 1985-2005 he became director of ENT and Allergy Associates , a 24 man Audiology /25 office division of the largest ENT group in the country, while still maintaining his private practice.  Dr. Cohen developed the Audiology program working with ENT’s and Administrators to develop the Audiology program at ENT into the strongest Hearing Aid division and diagnostic program in the Northeast.

Dr. Cohen was part of fact finding committees at 3M Corporation assisting in the application of the original hearing aid digital technology that is used today. He later became the Northeastern Representative for 3M providing on site expertise to Audiologists throughout that region.

Bob holds a Masters degree in clinical and research Audiology and a Doctorate in the field of Audiology. He has written and lectured extensively on hearing aid dispensing and Tinnitus retraining therapy to both professional and academia. He has provided onsite supervision and instruction. Dr. Cohen’s background includes Director of Audiology at Metropolitan Hospital and Lincoln Hospital and presently directs 6 large Nursing Homes facilities in the New York area.